Carbon 6 Marketing has only one business objective for its clients, improve your brand which will maximize the return on marketing dollars spent. We focus our resources primarily with business owners and senior executives who have come to the conclusion they need help improving their companies revenue by improving their brand and online presence. Proper brand marketing influences every touchpoint with every employee, supplier, customer and competition. We try and address as many of those brand touchpoints as possible. A comprehensive solution rather than a single Band-Aid approach is the best solution for improving a company’s brand.

Our service is often used with companies which have become weakened in the market because they simply cannot keep up with today’s marketing technology and are confused at how to reach their audience. Over time this paradigm shift in the use of technology for marketing and attracting new customers has caused erosion in their market share. We also work with start-ups who wish to maximize their budgeted marketing dollars correctly and grow their brand. Many of our clients come to us not knowing exactly what they need or inquire about a specific project. Proper brand marketing touches every part of every business. Correcting one issue is typically never the best practice. We try and evaluate how addressing one marketing issue may expose another weakness within the company’s marketing and brand efforts.


Carbon 6 Marketing is a family business. Marty Ingram the seasoned veteran works along side his son K.C., to help clients build their brands. Marty has spent his career building brands. He has over 30 years of strategic marketing experience and business management. He held senior and executive executive level positions at various companies including his last overseeing global marketing and an operating division for what is today a $7/ billon public company. Marty has managed hundreds of sales people, a variety of marketing departments and this agency for over 18 years. Along with a team of marketing pros he has worked with over the years together they have earned over 30 national brand  and advertising awards. He also has  participated in at least 15 acquisitions of companies, blending marketing departments, cultures and sales operations. Today, Marty and K.C. still operate several small businesses where they use the exact same marketing tactics for their customers. Marty & K.C.’s primary objective is simply to maximize a company’s brand efforts which lead to improved revenue and higher ROI.


Carbon 6 Marketing has a rich history of working with a variety of businesses which operate in very diverse markets. From some of the largest brand names (Microsoft, AMD, Symantec, Shaw Industries) in the world to a whole roster of start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses, Carbon 6 Marketing has developed and executed winning brand strategies. Business to business or marketing to consumers we have done it all.



Our first step is always to begin a conversation of why you believe you need help. From that conversation we begin our evaluation to see if and where we can help. Sometimes, our company is not the right fit. We are a highly specialized boutique strategic marketing agency.  Call Carbon 6 Marketing and let’s start with a discussion of your brand and marketing needs.


Carbon 6 Marketing, LLC
102 Carillon Hill Lane
Sellersville, Pa. 18960

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