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An Effective PPC Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Successful online marketing campaigns are within the reach of any business, no matter what your budget. By following a few basic steps, you can create a cost effective PPC campaign with a substantial return on investment. A few basic pieces of information and research is needed. First, know your target audience. Who are you trying to reach to purchase your service or products?  Secondly, where is your target audience located? Often times businesses try to spread their marketing dollars too thin and advertise to a large geographic area right away. Instead, try marketing to a smaller target area while you fine tune and learn the process.

Online PPC marketing requires a variety of skill sets to be successful. You need to write solid ad copy which ties into your key word listings within your PPC campaign. You need to insure each web site landing page is populated with similar keywords. PPC online marketing can be very complex and generally takes a while to learn and master. Just when you think you have, changes are made and the learning process starts all over again.

As an owner of several small businesses and overseer of a variety of online marketing campaigns for other businesses I know first hand how easy it is to waste market marketing dollars during the start up and learning curve.  Decisions such as where to market (Google, Yelp, Bing, etc.), who to market, how to set up the process are often a challenge to sift thru especially if this is not something you are familiar with. Carbon 6 Marketing is designed to help companies get started and ruin successful online marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords PPC. We further can assist companies developing their web site to match their online marketing.

Online marketing need not be expensive if properly set up and managed proportionally to expectations. Carbon 6 Marketing can walk you thru the steps. Help train an in-house person or manage the whole online marketing and if needed company brand development process. We can show you real time online campaigns currently in use and how they work. Our job is to take the mystery out of the process and explain how it works in very simple terms.

Call Carbon 6 Marketing and let us help you grow your business.

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