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Helping companies of all revenue sizes and most industries promote themselves is what we do. From small retail stores, transportation companies, contractors, home builders, electrical component manufactures, carpet manufactures, telecom companies, all sorts of dealers, and on and on and on. We love the research process of determining where our clients are in their market place either locally, nationally or globally and developing a plan with them on where they want to be both in the short term and long term. From that analytical study we can normally determine a course of marketing action and develop a budget. If you do not know where you are in the marketplace it’s hard to determine where your going.

There are a lot of factors we  evaluate to determine where a company is with their brand and market share. We always collect one of everything they have with their name on it, a complete review of their web site both the technical aspect as well as the visual appeal, where they are in their digital marketing efforts, how their trade advertising looks, trade show appearance and schedule,  and where the dollars are being spent. From these general reviews we can begin to get a feel for where they are (with their brand)and what type of return they have been getting in the past for their marketing dollars spent. Just as important in the evaluation process is determining a quick view on their industry, competition, and opportunities for growth. Many of the business owners we deal with don’t have the time to sit down and evaluate where they are and where they are going.

In today’s marketing efforts there always is a digital marketing solution. This includes web site development, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and social media solutions. Each of these marketing solutions are tailored specifically to each client and their market. There is no one way fits all. This all seems simple enough and for us who have done it over and over it again it is pretty routine. Acquiring and extracting the information from various sources is often what takes us the longest. However, this process is normally what is followed when we engage with a new client.

If your company needs help in branding and promoting itself call us. We can help educate you from a brand evaluation perspective on where you are and the steps you may want to follow to help get to where you want to be.

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