Need Help Promoting Your Company?

Do you need help promoting your company and building your brand? It’s a challenge trying to decipher what really works in marketing and advertising execution. I know as a business owner of several small businesses I receive a slew of telemarketing calls and emails each day from company representatives trying to explain to me they are the best option to spend my marketing dollars and will maximize my return on investment (ROI). If your looking to build your revenues and get your brand out there at the very least you should call Carbon 6 Marketing and talk to us about your objectives. We can at least relate as a business owner what your needs are and certainly the reservations you may have about where to place your trust.

Here are some suggestions. Step back and determine what your short term (1-2 years) and longer term business goals are. How do you see your companies products and services develop and evolve. Determine who your ideal buyers are, either companies in business to business markets or consumers in business to consumer markets. Just knowing and having those two components is a really great start on a marketing agency beginning to form ideas on how to help you build revenue.  Of course you will want to set a general budget and determine what you expect in return for your spending. Then call Carbon 6 Marketing. Since we own several of our own businesses, manage the strategic marketing for ten others and have 30+ years of experience in business to business and consumer marketing worldwide I think we can help develop some solutions for you and tweak your needs and expectations if needed. At the very least we can educate you on a path for a solution. Don’t spend you hard won money unwisely. It won’t cost you anything to sit down with us and develop a general strategic marketing plan. Sometimes we can help with the execution and other times we can direct you to others who can. But, at least you will be spending your time and resources more wisely. If you need a solid strategic marketing plan and an execution plan to go along with it we can help. If you want to update your web site, expand into digital marketing, create a blog, develop social media, develop a SEO and SEM plan call Carbon 6 Marketing. Need help developing a plan of attack to build your brand call us. One thing for certain we will spend the time to show you exactly what and how some of these marketing options like internet marketing work. We can show you real time online marketing campaigns and explain how it works and what may be needed.

If your looking to promote your company and build your brand and need some help call Carbon 6 Marketing. We promise at the end of the first meeting you will be armed with better information to develop and execute your marketing objectives more wisely.

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