The Mystery (and secrets) of SEM & SEO Marketing

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Need some help with the mystery and secrets of SEM and SEO marketing? Need advice to help grow your company’s online business?

Today its not unusual to receive tens of telemarketing calls or emails a week from companies making claims about guaranteeing your company be on the top of the page with SEO and SEM marketing. Often times this is a very misleading claim. The SEO and SEM marketing process is very complex to successfully achieve success over time. Here is my best tip. Try and learn enough about the process to make a more informed decision on selecting an outside marketing agency to help your business. If you need help with making an “informed” decision call Carbon 6 Marketing and we will spend the day teaching you in general how it works.

After 30+ years of creating and running brand marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies there is one thing certain I can conclude from internet and online marketing programs and techniques. It is by far and away the most complicated form of marketing I have encountered. It’s pretty simple to develop an online PPC (pay per click) Google AdWords campaign. You will need some online experience to do so. However, it’s the results that count. A lot of SEO, SEM marketing companies can achieve typical average results. The results would be nearly identical as a traditional direct mail campaign would achieve. Usually the national average for a good direct mail campaign ROI (return on investment) is 0.80% return per hundred of mailed direct mail pieces, which is about 1 out of a hundred pieces mailed you receive an inquiry. Translate this to an online SEM campaign this is about 1 out of every 100 online ad impressions shown. One note, the national average ROI will vary by industry so I am just noting a general average. However, stop here for a moment. An “ad impression”? Do you know understand what an ad impression is and how it’s achieved? To accomplish an ad impression for a single search query requires a certain level of skills. To consistently receive an ad impression at or near the top of the page for most of your companies services, products or your company name is very hard. Please don’t take our word for it let us show you how its done. We can show real time online PPC campaigns and while you are watching them we can alter the results.

Online marketing, SEM, PPC, SEO marketing and social media success is very complex and hard to achieve. It requires all of the skills and experiences we have acquired over the tens of years we have been developing and running marketing campaigns (traditional and online). For us obtaining .80% ROI is not how we define success. Our campaigns are created and tailored to the specific objectives to each of the businesses we work with.  For instance, a small business receiving too many inquiries at once can be as bad as receiving little to no inquires. Just as important is the type of inquires received. Are the inquires really legit or just tire kickers?

Successful online marketing campaigns like those found thru Google AdWords are not simply achieved by developing a Google AdWords or Bing campaign. To obtain ROI’s which exceed national averages by 400% or greater you will need to tweak your web site as well. You likely will need new “landing pages.” The ad copy needs to be perfectly aligned with your ad content, title page to your landing page and text content to your web site page. getting confused? I sure hope so because the message of this blog is simply to expose and explain the complex mystery and secrets of SEM and SEO marketing. Let Carbon 6 Marketing educate you on how internet marketing works. It’s complex and to be successful you will need to know more than just how Google AdWords works. It requires marketing research, competitive analysis work, general business skills, ad copy writing experience and on and on and on. Do yourself and your company a favor. Before you do anything us simply call us. Let Carbon 6 Marketing show you various real time online campaigns and how they are set up and how they work. We can roll back and show you their results over several years, months, weeks or days.

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